Auger/Dump Trailer

We offer customers a choice between an auger dumpster trailer or bulk hopper trailer.


Auger Dumpster Trailer vs. Bulk Hopper Trailer


The difference between the two trailers is right there in the names. Our auger dumpster trailer is meant for standard orders, while our bulk hopper trailers are meant for large pickups. When you initially reach out to one of our friendly and professional customer service representatives, they’ll work with you to choose the appropriate trailer. This choice depends on how often you want our team to pick up waste and how quickly your facility produces it. Using our trailers also keeps rodents and birds from exploring food waste within your building, since it’ll all be packed away. If, after talking with you, we determine that neither of our trailers will fit your company’s needs, then we’ll find an alternate method of pickup that can get the job done.


The Process is a Team Effort


Your Role


Your company fills up the 4’x4’ plastic totes with waste and loads them into the trailer. The waste will be out of the way and the smell won’t be lingering in your hallways. Once you load up the auger dumpster trailer or bulk hopper trailer, contact us and let us know you’re ready for pickup. That’s all you have to do!


Our Role


Our team will come directly to your facility every time. We’ll pick up the full trailer and replace it with a clean and fully sanitized trailer. This process will repeat as regularly as your company requires.


Locations We Service


We’re currently offering our services to facilities in Illinois and the surrounding states. Please contact us for more information regarding our trailers, or to find out if we service your area.

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