Tote Food Waste Management

To improve their food waste management strategies, we provide companies with 4’x4’ plastic totes for waste removal. We work hard to make sure that our commercial food waste disposal service is the most reliable waste removal solution available.


Tote Food Waste Management Process


Our commercial food waste disposal service begins when we deliver several 4’x4’ plastic totes and a trailer to store them in. When the totes are all filled and loaded into the trailer, our team will come to you to pick them up and deliver more empty, clean, and sanitized totes, and a fresh trailer to you as well. All of our totes are forklift-ready, so once you’ve filled them, moving them out of the way is a breeze. We make this decision with you when the appointment for pickup has been made.


Regulations for Waste


We understand that there are laws regulating sanitation procedures. WE also understand how much waste your food production facility can have around at once is limited, so removing it from the premises on a regular basis is crucial. Nevertheless, there are times when waste pickup needs to happen immediately due to an unexcepted excess. Our commercial food waste disposal service is readily available to pick up your trash at any given time. We’re quick to pick up and to call back, so we’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with our method of waste removal and our overall communication with you.


Locations We Service


We offer our services to food production facilities in Illinois and the surrounding states. To confirm that our food waste management team can come to you, please contact us today. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives want to make waste disposal as smooth as possible for your business.

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